Turn difference into your competitive advantage.

Differences among the people in your organization power greater innovation and better business decisions. Difference is your competitive advantage. We help you harness it.

ColorVizion Lab is the consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations build inclusive employer brands that enable our clients to be better competitors, by earning and maintaining the loyalty of traditionally excluded groups.

The HIGH COST of uniformity.

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actively seek employers who prioritize DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion)

Millennials are already stepping into leadership roles, shaping your customer experiences, product development, marketing strategy, and other critical business functions. Gen Z is right behind them, bringing fresh perspectives and innovation.

The choice is clear:
Gen Z and Millennial talent are choosing inclusive workplaces.

By embracing DE&I, you can unlock their innovation, creativity, and global perspectives, securing the competitive edge you need for success. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Organizations that lack representation risk their long-term sustainability.

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Disadvantages of Homogenous Workplaces:

What It’s Costing
Your Business:

Disadvantages of Homogenous Workplaces and What It’s Costing Your Business:

Limited Innovation & Creativity


Diverse teams are 35% more likely to outperform their less diverse counterparts.

Weaker Market Understanding


Companies with diverse leadership teams are 20% more likely to have above-average market share in their industries.

Lower Employee Satisfaction


Diverse companies have 21% higher employee satisfaction, while companies with inclusive cultures see 30% lower turnover.



Campaigns and products designed by non-representative teams might resonate poorly with certain demographics, leading to marketing inefficiencies and lost revenue.

Brand Risks


A lack of representation can damage a company's reputation, impacting customer loyalty, attracting negative press, and hindering talent recruitment efforts.

The growing complexities of inclusive talent management.

Recent attacks on inclusive talent initiatives have created new complexities for Chief DE&I and Chief Talent Officers including resource cuts disproportionately affecting Black women leaders and growing legal concerns surrounding DE&I programs.

While “doing the work” has undeniably become more difficult, abandoning programs designed to build a welcoming workplace for marginalized talent is not the answer.

Instead, this is your chance to reimagine talent inclusion programs and the language used to market them. While others are retreating, seize the opportunity to propel your business forward.

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Is your employer brand inclusive?

People perform better when they feel that they belong. You build an inclusive employer brand on a foundation of values, practices, and decisions that prioritize inclusion throughout the entire employee experience. You bring it to life through internal and external communication that reinforces your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and links it to your business strategy and performance.

Every company competing for talent and revenue growth needs an inclusive employer brand to:

New to employer branding?

Discover Desiree Booker’s LinkedIn course “Inclusive Branding: The Secret to Attracting the Right Talent for Your Organization.” Learn how to embed inclusion into your employer identity and attract the right talent to fuel your organizational success.

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Our Approach

ColorVizion Lab empowers organizations to harness the transformative power of difference. Our Framework guides you in building an inclusive employee experience, fostering authentic communication that reflects your DE&I commitments, and providing an accurate depiction of your employees’ authentic workplace experience.

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The CVL Framework for Designing and Delivering an Inclusive Employee Value Proposition

Define Corporate Identity:

Ensure your values, mission, and vision reflect a genuine commitment to fostering an inclusive work environment.

Align To Inclusive Talent Strategy:

Align your employer brand goals with the inclusive talent strategy.

Build Your Brand Narrative:

Develop authentic content and talent programs that reinforce your organization’s commitment to inclusion.

Deliver the EVP:

Deliver an inclusive employee experience that brings your EVP inclusion commitments to life.

Measure and Realign:

Continuously re-align branding, EVP, and communications with the reality of your employee experience. Use employee feedback to inform the inclusive talent strategy.

We’re trusted by leading employers and featured by top-tier brands.

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Your employer brand evolves with you.

Your employer brand isn’t static, it’s a dynamic force that evolves alongside your business objectives, workforce trends, and employee needs. It’s not about aspirational perfection, but about inspiring authenticity and reflecting your true workforce.

Even if your workforce doesn’t reflect your desired level of representation yet, that’s okay. Every journey begins with a single step.

By evolving your brand messaging and imagery in real-time as your organization becomes more inclusive, you foster trust with your candidates on a deeper level. They will see your genuine, long-term commitment to workplace inclusion and join you on this exciting journey.

Let’s build an inclusive employer brand that sets you apart.