ColorVizion Lab
Desiree Booker, DEI employer brand consultant

In 2019, driven by a passion for empowering corporate women of color, Desiree Booker founded ColorVizion Lab as a career consulting firm.

As Desiree guided hundreds of individuals toward fulfilling careers, she recognized a broader need for change. Many people leaders struggled to prioritize inclusion in their talent experiences. This realization sparked a new focus for ColorVizion Lab.

Today, CVL is a leading people and culture consultancy. We help businesses cultivate high-performing, inclusive cultures that redefine the talent experience. Our strategic approach connects people programs to measurable business outcomes. This empowers organizations to thrive throughout the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment to alumni engagement. We transform cultural strategy into a competitive advantage, ensuring your organization stands out.

Our Purpose

To unlock workforce potential through culture and connection.

Our Vizion

ColorVizion Lab will be the one-stop source for people leaders who want to transform their talent experience—from the first impression to the last day and beyond.

Our Mission

To build inclusive workplace cultures that top talent wants to join and stay with.

Our Values

Transparent Communication

Open communication isn't just a value, it's our operating system. Our leadership team prioritizes honesty and clarity with everyone – consultants, clients, and our entire team. This commitment translates into regular check-ins and open feedback sessions that enable us to identify and address issues quickly, ensuring everyone stays aligned and empowered throughout each project.


Micromanagement isn't in our vocabulary. We cultivate a culture of trust and transparency where both consultants and employees are empowered to think independently and take ownership. This approach delivers peace of mind to our clients, knowing they've entrusted their project to a dedicated and skilled consultant who requires minimal oversight.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence drives our interactions. We're keenly aware of the impact our emotions, words, and actions have on others. As consultants with high EQ, we actively listen, empathize with our clients, understand their needs and challenges, and communicate clearly and respectfully.


Even the most seasoned professionals encounter occasional whispers of doubt. In our world, confidence is more than just a buzzword; it's the fuel that drives success. That’s why we invest in our team’s development, empowering them to become trusted advisors, leading to stronger project outcomes and client confidence.

Work in Your Zone of Genius

Where expertise meets passion, magic happens. We empower our consultants and employees to operate in their sweet spots, matching their natural abilities to projects that ignite their spark. By leveraging our individual strengths, we offer clients efficient solutions, deep expertise, and cutting-edge ideas - all unlocked by working in our zones of genius.

Meet Our Founder & CEO, Desiree Booker (She/Her)

Desiree Booker, an empathetic leader with a strong dedication to developing people, has fostered a culture of authenticity, transparent communication, and innovation at ColorVizion Lab. In her role as CEO, Desiree leads ColorVizion Lab’s business development efforts and executes the company’s vizion to become a force that reshapes business culture to embrace difference as a competitive advantage.

Before launching her company, Desiree guided and mentored hundreds of professional women of color through her career coaching practice and held various DE&I, recruiting, and communications roles at global brands including NBCUniversal, MSNBC, Nickelodeon and Gartner. Desiree is a West Philadelphia native and proud graduate of the historic Spelman College.

Desiree Booker, inclusive employer brand consultant