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At ColorVizion Lab, enterprise companies depend on us to activate, accelerate, or complement in-house DEI and human resources teams. 


No matter the project size or scope, we offer innovative, perfect-fit talent solutions.

What Sets Us Apart

How is ColorVizion Lab different from a traditional staffing firm?

Let’s be real: 

Traditional staffing firms send you the talent, but then what? Project scoping, onboarding, training, and performance management are all on you. 

Not when you work with ColorVizion Lab.

We listen.

Just as no two companies are the same, no two CVL projects are the same. Our process begins with deep listening and diagnosing the needs of your organization.

We scope.

Whether it’s a short-term initiative or a long-term role, we’ll define the scope of your project and find you the highly-skilled consultant you need.

We onboard.

We know how costly and time-consuming the onboarding process can be, so we’ll take care of that for you so your CVL Consultant can hit the ground running.

We guarantee success.

Our in-house Client Success Manager will hold regular check-ins to ensure that your CVL Consultant is meeting your expectations.

*Our Zero-Risk Guarantee: 

If for any reason a consultant isn’t working out, we’ll provide a replacement within one week, free of charge.

Our priority is to meet your company's needs AND put our consultants in their zone of genius so everyone wins.

Our Projects

We enhance, accelerate, or complement your in-house DEI and HR teams with highly-skilled, diverse talent.

CVL Consultants can support projects in:

  • Employee Engagement

  • Social Impact

  • DEI Recruitment Programs

  • Internal Mobility Programs

  • DEI Project/Program Management

  • Candidate Experience

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Change Management

  • And so much more!

We work to strengthen the factors most impacting your employer brand through the lens of your current and future employees.

All of the consultants we staff will fall into one of these 5 buckets:


We offer project-based, part-time, and full-time
consulting structures to support your organization’s DEI


Flexible, fixed-fee short-term projects (1-3 months) that have clearly defined deliverables, such as conducting an employer brand audit or designing the framework for an internship program.


Hiring a part-time CVL Consultant is a great option to launch a new initiative or scale a current one. It’s the “boost” you need to expand your capacity, backfill a role, or add new skills to your team.


A CVL Consultant can be a valuable asset for companies that need long-term support. Promote efficiency and business continuity without the need to hire and train a full-time employee.

Explore how ColorVizion Lab Consultants can fill your organization’s needs.

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Our Framework

ColorVizion Lab’s Inclusive Employer Branding Framework ensures you center inclusion at every step of your talent journey.

Have questions about what kinds of projects ColorVizion Lab can spearhead or support?

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Case Studies

PRep School

PRep School is a fellowship program developed by Golin that offers paid summer career development training for students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), sororities, and fraternities of the Divine Nine.

The Challenge

  • The program had not been branded, operationalized, or staffed. 

  • Significant experience and skill gaps existed among the current Golin staff.

  • Golin’s DEI team did not have the bandwidth to give this project the attention it needed to get off the ground and thrive. 

Our Solution

  • Golin leveraged ColorVizion Lab for our expertise with employer branding and diversity recruitment and our ability to complete this project quickly without Golin having to add more full-time employees. 
  • Fully onboarded two part-time consultants in project management and diversity recruitment within just 2 weeks.

The Results

  • ColorVizion Lab branded, operationalized, and launched the PRep School Program and produced 100+ diverse candidates within 6 months.
  • Established DEI recruitment partnerships with Clark Atlanta University and the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.
  • Garnered the attention and support of Golin’s top clients through our PRep School publicity campaign.
  • Drove internal stakeholder engagement in Golin’s early-career DEI pipeline programs.
  • Recruited 15 fellows for the inaugural PRep school class across 8 national markets.


NightSchool is a career development program created by Golin to help attract diverse and marginalized talent. This program helps adults from marginalized communities pivot into creative-based industries such as copywriting, art direction, planning, and production.

The Challenge

  • While the NightSchool program had successfully launched in the UK, Golin did not have the market knowledge to launch NightSchool in the US. 

  • They needed support with recruitment, positioning, and localizing the program to a US market. 

Our Solution

  • ColorVizion Lab built a localized recruiting strategy for the launch of NightSchool US. 

  • Created an application landing page, collected applications, and facilitated direct outreach to candidates by collaborating with non-profits in Chicago, New York, and Dallas.

The Results

  • ColorVizion Lab built a localized recruiting strategy for the launch of NightSchool US. 

  • Created an application landing page, collected applications, and facilitated direct outreach to candidates by collaborating with non-profits in Chicago, New York, and Dallas.

Golin Employer Brand

Golin is a progressive public relations agency designed to reach the profoundly diverse global market and provide effective solutions for major brands around the world.

The Challenge

Golin approached ColorVizion Lab for assistance in repositioning the agency’s employer brand to attract and retain Black talent.

Our Solution

    • To tackle this endeavor, we engaged in a 4-pronged audit approach:  

      • Performed a recruitment process audit from the perspective of the candidate. 

      • Designed and deployed an employee value position survey across all departments. 

      • Lead 1:1 qualitative interviews with Golin stakeholders at every level of the organization.

      • Conducted competitive market analysis to answer the question:  What does the state of DEI look like in the PR industry?

    • Then ColorVizion Lab created a comprehensive and actional employer branding strategy based on the results from the audit. 

The Results

  • Developed employer branding and recruitment marketing concepts that effectively positioned Golin as the employer of choice for marginalized talent seeking a career in PR.

  • Strengthened the candidate experience at all levels of the hiring and onboarding process. 

  • Clear, culturally competent, and inclusive website branding and recruitment marketing assets.

  • The creation of a new role inside the company: SVP of DEI 

  • Recruited 18 Black and Hispanic hires within 7 months of implementing our strategies (5 at the executive level.)