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Turn your workplace into a strategic advantage.

Your customers and prospective recruits expect to see themselves reflected in your workforce. And your employees expect an employer who puts their experiences, capabilities, and backgrounds to work. It’s good business.

Companies that harness the power of difference reap significant business benefits, outperforming their peers in key areas including innovation, profitability, and employee engagement.

Let’s explore the FACTS:

Your business can sharpen its competitive edge by harnessing the power of difference.

Our Solutions

We offer tailored, comprehensive consulting solutions to steer your organization through every stage of transformation, from diagnosing challenges and identifying opportunities to developing strategies, implementing solutions, and measuring performance.

Diagnostic Services

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your employee experience and employer brand through our insightful audits.

We’ll delve into how your company is perceived by employees, stakeholders, and the talent market, evaluating your standing compared to your industry peers. You’ll gain actionable insights to address your challenges and capitalize on untapped opportunities.

Our diagnostic solutions include:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Talent Market Research
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Employer Brand Audits
  • Candidate Experience Audits

Strategy Consulting

Using our research insights, we work with you to craft tailored and pragmatic strategies that align with your inclusive employer brand goals. We also equip your team with the skills required to successfully implement and sustain these strategies for long-term success.

Going beyond traditional strategy consulting, we integrate inclusion into every step of the process. We provide the following strategy solutions:

  • Target Audience Strategy
  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Employer Brand Activation Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Recruitment & Onboarding Strategy
  • Employee Programs & Initiatives

Implementation Support

A strategy that cannot be implemented is useless, so many of our clients choose to extend our engagement to the implementation stage to ensure the smooth execution of your strategic plan.

This is especially valuable for small teams or companies without a dedicated employer brand function. Our implementation solutions include:

  • Inclusive Employer Brand Communications
  • Recruitment Marketing Campaigns & Events
  • Careers Website Content Creation
  • Careers Social Media Content Creation
  • Employer Brand Monitoring
  • Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Employee Program Management

Why Choose Us?

Rounded Experience:

We have experience on both sides of the issue - coaching diverse candidates on navigating the hiring system and developing their careers, and working with employers to hire and develop diverse talent.


We move fast and can scale-up quickly.


Our clients tell us we are easy to work with. We deliver high-impact work, with minimal disruption to your organization.

Skills Transfer:

We build your organization’s internal capabilities as we work with you.


We assess and adjust our consultants’ performance in real-time.

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Case Studies: Delivering Impact Through Strategic Client Partnerships

Streamlining Coca-Cola’s Equity Audit, Saving Hundreds of Hours and Boosting Productivity

The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company partnered with ColorVizion Lab to provide expert project management support for a company-wide equity audit led by the Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team. ColorVizion Lab streamlined the implementation of the complex audit by establishing an organized workflow, efficient data collection process, and ensuring quality control. 

Our support saved Coca-Cola hundreds of hours through efficient coordination, resulting in direct cost-savings and increased employee productivity.

Services Delivered:

Data-Driven Employer Branding to Fuel Golin's DE&I Initiatives


Golin, an award-winning global public relations agency, sought to attract and retain more Black talent, recognizing a need to improve their employer brand image. ColorVizion Lab conducted a comprehensive employer brand audit, analyzing recruitment processes, evaluating employee value proposition (EVP) viability, employee perceptions, stakeholder viewpoints, and industry DEI trends. This data informed the development of an action-oriented employer branding strategy.

The results of implementing our strategic plan include an improved candidate and new hire experience, effective recruitment marketing messaging, and a competitive EVP that met the needs of Golin’s ideal candidates.

Services Delivered:

Driving Success for Golin’s HBCU Fellowship Program


Golin partnered with ColorVizion Lab to launch the PRep School Program, an early career fellowship program for HBCU students and members of the Divine Nine Black Greek Letter Organizations. The program was designed to strengthen Golin’s talent pipelines within the Black talent community and better serve its clients and the diverse communities they serve.

The program was hugely successful, with a 40% intern conversion rate in the first year and partnerships established with FAMU and Clark Atlanta University’s Mass Media Departments. The program was also recognized by PRWeek.

Services Delivered:

Guiding IPG's DE&I Strategy from Assessment to Action


Interpublic Group (IPG), an advertising holding company with 55,000+ employees globally, partnered with ColorVizion Lab to assess the current state of DE&I across IPG’s 108 agency brands, develop the company’s vision for DE&I, and consult on DE&I team structure.

As a result, IPG gained a comprehensive understanding of their current DE&I strengths and weaknesses, invaluable for identifying areas needing improvement and setting realistic goals. We developed a clear and actionable vision for DE&I and restructured the team to ensure they have the right talent in the right places to achieve IPG’s DE&I goals.

Services Delivered:

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